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tv   [untitled]    July 22, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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importance of st. luke's hospital and emergency room for the southeastern neighborhoods of the city and county of san francisco and affirms the board of supervisor's commitment to working with the mayor, the department of public health, and private hospital corporations that operate in san francisco to ensure the long-term viability and operation of this critical institution. as was noted in the final purport of the health-care services master plan, the physical location and hours of operation do impact patient access to services, especially for san francisco's o vulnerable populations. the final report noted that the residence of the southeast during -- southeastern san francisco suffer from higher
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proportions of death due to alzheimer's disease, respiratory disease, and chronic liver disease. they endure higher rates of asthma and receive less prenatal care. the only other hospital located in the southeastern part of san francisco is san francisco general, which is on diversion 25% of the time. the emergency brim is at capacity and can not accept any additional -- the emergency room is at capacity and can not accept any additional patients. you how the situation -- you have a situation, st. luke's serves a sizable population, close to 30% of privately insured patients, also creates a strong foundation for a st.
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luke's to continue to be a viable option, in a viable hospital. the board of supervisors has previously taken a position making it clear that we are committed to supporting st. luke's hospital. there was irresolution opposing the closure that was passed by this board of supervisors and i am a very proud, even though none of us was serving on the board that time, i am proud that the board of supervisors took the very important position making sure that there was a commitment to keeping it open. we also have heard from the health commission, which has made a point of making a commitment to keeping st. luke's open. the mayor has talked about the importance of making sure that whatever is approved, there is a commitment for the long-term operation of st. luke's. as they go through a process of
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figuring out whati think it is , irrespective of what this board does, that we are once again on record reaffirming our commitment. this resolution resolve's the board of supervisors once again affirms that st. luke's is a critical part of san francisco's health care system, that the board is committed to ensuring it is rebuilt as a seismically safe and financially viable hospital. i want to thank the co-sponsors for this resolution, supervisor cohen, treasurer olague, supervisor chiu, and supervisor avalos. >> thank you, supervisor. supervisor mar: i have several items.
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first, i am pleased to say i have been working with the coalition of public health organizations, also supported by the department of public health, to create smoke-free street festivals and public spaces in the san francisco. this legislation would prohibit smoking at certain outdoor events. second-hand smoke is responsible for as many as 73,000 deaths among nonsmokers each year in the united states. there is no state level of exposure to secondhand smoke. lighted cigarettes and cigars have the potential for making the air quality and people's enjoyment of outdoor events restricting be hit. creating smoke-free areas protect the health of non- smokers and everyone. this ordinance requires
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organizers of outdoor events to notify through cyanogen the announcements that their event is smoke-free. there would be no additional enforcement at the event. it is crafted to exclude smaller events, such as block parties, and it does not prohibit the use of medical cannabis. i want to thank the department of public health and the people who go to our many outdoor events who helped shape this policy. i hope i can count on your support. i want to thank supervisor avalos for his co-sponsor ship and the community-based groups that are supportive, including the tobacco for a coalition, delores street community services, freedom from tobacco, girls after-school academy, project sf, and our great as much task force in the city. also, i am requesting a hearing
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on the status of the san francisco city college budget and the status of their accreditation. on june 9, or july 9, i convened with a number of students and community members in emergency town hall meetings to help save city college and address their accreditation issues. we held it at the lgbt center on market street with members of the community. over 300 people attended. city college serves 90,000 students. it is california's largest community college, one of the largest in the nation. students and others expressed shock and concerns when a report was released by the western association of schools and colleges. there accrediting commission -- are want to know in the hearing, and will be working with
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department, what steps of city college plans to take to ensure the renewal of their accreditation, and how they will involve stakeholder groups. without accreditation, city college cannot receive public funding and would face potential closure by march 15 of next year. i would like to explore what efforts the city can do to help city college so our system can continue serving our students, especially from low-income families, immigrants, and the public of san francisco. the rest i will submit. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor mar. supervisor kim: is a possible to be referred a little later? >> a believe you were the last on roll call for introductions. supervisor kim: i made a said middle for a hearing request. i apologize. i am requesting a hearing on the
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final mission bay parking strategy plan and the overall sf park strategy. from the beginning, i have been a supporter of their efforts to reduce traffic congestion and regulate parking through piloting programs. and i think we all want to find ways to reduce the time people spend looking for parking. as a transit for a city, we are committed to encouraging people to get out of their cars and explode other modes of transit. as many colleagues know, i know several of my colleagues have attended meetings about the management plan and their impact in our neighborhood, i have attended several of these community meetings in mission bay, potrero wi,hill, -- potrero hill, and other areas. i'm including some that i
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qualify as legitimate compromises. mta has announced its intentions to move forward with the mission bay parking plan. i have several questions with how it incorporated community input in its final parking strategy plan. i want to say i think it is a valid argument they make that we make people pay to ride on muni. we should make people pay for parking. i am not opposed to us charging residents, people that come in from outside san francisco, and businesses to park in our neighborhoods. i want to explore more alternatives in terms of how we can do that. i think metering, especially in some of residents -- some of our residential neighborhoods, mixed-use neighborhood on the side, it is often a bit more challenging than a more traditional neighborhoods where you have clear commercial corridors and residential areas. as you move forward, the city is
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doing mixed-use neighborhoods, i think this conversation certainly deserves some dialogue as to how we can do this effectively without penalizing people with tickets. metering can often be a harsh way of charging for parking. the rest i submit. >> thank you. seeing no other names on the roster, that includes roll call. >> let's move to public comment. >> this is the opportunity for the public to comment generally on up to two minutes for items within the jurisdiction of the board, including the may your appearance today and items on the adoption without committee reference calendar. the public comment is not allowed on the items that have already been subject to a board committee. speakers using translation assistance will be allowed twice the amount of time. if anyone would like a document to be displayed on the
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projector, please state such and remove the document so we can return to live coverage of the meeting. first speaker, please. >> [speaking foreign language]
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ladies and gentleman, three days from today is going to be beginning the holy ramadan for the muslim people. one-and-a-half billion around the world -- i am happy i am one of them. two days ago, our lady hillary
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clinton decided to go to reject -- egypt. the egyptian people, they gave her good welcome. [inaudible] why this happened? the government refused to help us. they want some idiot like mubarak to be around with them again. the egyptian people, which i am one of them, they refuse that.
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i have left my country for years. i am here 30 years. people need every penny for housing and to feed them. god bless america and god bless every one of you. >> thank you. >> stop the public rape of the public, -- of the friends of the library. their support of a private income stream without disclosing the value of those resources. i explained last week the bigger fraud, which is the friends have
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no agreement with the city. the fraction of support for the library comes from restricted funds. the actual money raised goes to that private income screen. now we have the biggest fraud of all, the biggest fraud is that everyone in city hall knows it. no one cares because this is the system of private influence for cash city hall depends on. we have a private corporate philanthropy that has a private income stream of $5 million per year with no oversight. the library is the biggest sunshine violator with the commission president found guilty of official misconduct. no one cares. now, it comes down to the banality of evil. it is the concept that you only care about yourself, your own selves, against the public
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interest. we have an image of that reality. when david chiu says he envies supervisors with library openings in their district, he says there's no amount of corruption or dishonesty that will interfere with that vanity. he knows about the correct option -- corruption, and as long as it serves his vanity, it is fine with him. no matter how much harm is done to citizens or the society, if it is good for david chiu, it is good. thank you. >> members of the board of supervisors, director of san francisco. i would like to respectfully ask everybody in this chamber other than the members of the board of supervisors to ignore what i am going to say. anybody who is watching on sfgtv, i ask you to hit the mute
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button. i have something personal to say to the members of this board of supervisors. the funniest part of these meetings is when you take the pledge of allegiance at the beginning. i honestly have come to wonder what it is that is actually going through your mind when you do so. it is not to respect the fact that members of the public are exercising their constitutional rights when they stand at this podium. they get up and leave the chamber, leaving enough to keep a quorum. i don't give a damn if you disrespect each other. when you disrespect of the public by leaving the chamber as if what they have to say makes no difference to you, that is a violation of your oath of office and also that pledge of allegiance. veterans in this country, they
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get this, we appreciate you. i read a "time magazine" article, and one of the members was a military officer. this was an article on suicides. he was on hold for the crisis hot line for 45 minutes, tested his wife, i am still on hold, and shot himself. if you don't respect those people, you don't respect those flags. if you don't respect those flags, you are violating your oath of office. you ought to resign now. sitting in your seats, and these have the decency to show respect to the citizens of this city that if they come here and sit around for hours because what you'd do is you have this moving target for they have to sit here for hours to speak to you and you cannot stay in your seat to listen. [applause]
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>> good luck to the president and supervisors. for afternoon. good luck to all the ball teams, the new stadium, and this ping- pong ball, mayor lee, good luck with your ping-pong game. "you do some good swinging. ♪ all of it why not take ball of it city, we need so much from you you took the part which was our heart but why not take all of it ♪ ♪ get your city motor running. out on the brick highway
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pretty soon waiting for a good place you're going to make it happen explode everything into space like a nature as child you were born to be city wild get your motor running heavy-metal thunder looking for a good city it is the strain you are under you're going to make things happen make it happen now pretty soon we will see you in september see you when your break is through will i see you in september or lose you to another sheriff? thanks.
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bye. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> before i begin, can we take a survey? how many of you heard alex jones on friday? can i see those hands? fortunately, we can google the show. he interviewed an fbi agent and how he infiltrated the terrorist group here that said a bomb off in san francisco a few years ago at the park police station, murdered a sergeant mcdonald. larry, who infiltrated the terrorist group, said they wanted to murder 25 million americans. that is barack obama's good friend bill ayers.
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obama will get his, possibly on november 9 next year. november 9 next year, quite possibly it will be the rapture. it will be the judgment of the wicked of everyone who is not saved. if it is the rapture, that will be taking place 35 days into the news cycle. this will fall on the 911th day from the start of the news cycle. the angel gabriel, the one to give mary the good news about the messiah, told daniel there would be 77 until the messiah would come. this is key. the 77's can be identified in history. jerusalem was destroyed in sabbath years. ancient babylon fell in the seventh year.
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when jesus walked into the synagogue and said, the spirit of the lord is upon me because he anointed me to preach the gospel, the scripture is been ulfilled, -- president chiu: next speaker. >> supervisors, good afternoon. my name is emile lawrence. some brought up the point. i would think the mayor for spending money attempting to get 150 homeless, which they cannot afford in san francisco. i thank him for that. my second item is this. going back to a month and a half ago, we have the trial in penn state on jerry sandusky, one of
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the biggest pedophiles in the history of the state. going back 18 months ago, kenneth was introduced, who was last on the fbi list trading photographs of children under the age of six in various sexual variations. i think what this commission should do and this board should do is regurgitate that going back to february. i don't think we need a trial to do so. it was part of a greater sting operation to bring bevan dufty back here and explain the being a friend of this man. they both have children. we have underlying concerns here in the city and county of san francisco because we have a lot of citizens right here, based on a lot of the politick they know, based on the schools and some other considerations.
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maybe we need bevan dufty to step down as the homeless bizarre as well. -- czar as well. there is an empty space on explaining this friendship, which goes back so many years. i think he ought to bring that to this committee. that is all i have. thank you for your time. >> we have an ongoing saga in our great city now of deliberation about one former supervisor who used to grace these august chambers, but now some people have decided to gang up against him.
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you never know which one of you will be next, at least by the behavior of some of you all who have been noticed by the ethics commission, which brings me to the topic of the sunshine task force, which used to meet on a tuesday around 5:00. because of some machinations in this chamber, you all decided to reject the candidacy of a gentleman called bruce wolfe, a very astute constituent of san francisco. the result is that the sunshine task force mandates a seat to be filled by a person that is physically challenged, and this is the case. it has been a couple of months
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now we have not had the sunshine task force. some of you all care about it. you have not spoken about it. i came here to talk about representation. you cannot represent if you have no ethics, no morals, like the previous speaker was alluding to. we have -- i can i use the words, but i can write it. when i speak, i can i use the word, but i can use several words. i cannot use the words. you cannot address some so- called representatives by those words. it is an underlining come inferior type of behavior -- president chiu: thank you very much. >> did the bell ring? president chiu: yes, it did.
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thank you very much. next speaker. >> hello. i am colleen. i will be using the overhead. supervisor avalos, if you would please distribute the printout? i have come before this body an average of once a year for the past decade to compel you to use your power that is given to you through the oath of office to defend and support the constitution. with a resolution to end the unconstitutional strike for wars of choice done without due process, it is 2/3 of the cities, counties, states, citizens took this action, we could change federal policy that have failed, including foreign policies. it would result it to an end of the squandering of funds and a return to the balanced budgets.
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it would mean a return of the california national guard. earthquake safe and green hospitals. i want to address [inaudible] i am the mother of charlotte, a teenager whose body was found. her father [no audio] he was involved in prostitution. your city and county, this is the polar opposite of what happened to me in sonoma county. i could not get law enforcement to take action. they lied. i could not get the district attorney to take action. i could not get the court to take